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About the BestBidz Network

The BestBidz network is the result of a collaboration amongst Ontario’s Local Construction Associations (LCAs) that have been serving the construction industry for more than a century. BestBidz has been formed with the goal of providing the construction industry with centralized access to all construction tenders and tender documents in Ontario. From Toronto to Thunder Bay, and from Windsor to Ottawa, we’ve got you covered.

BestBidz exists to further the LCAs’ goal of maintaining a healthy and robust construction industry by providing equal opportunity to all potential participants, which in turn helps construction owners achieve the best value for their projects. By making the entire province’s tenders available in one place, BestBidz has created a level playing field for construction companies across Ontario.

It is all about making it easier and more efficient for bidders to find the opportunities in one location, creating a competitive market for the benefit of public and private owners.



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