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Ontario’s Local Construction Associations have a long history representing the local voice for over 7,000 firms in the ICI industry. LCAs provide a wide range of services for their members ranging from contract advice, dispute resolution, education, training and construction bid opportunities to name a few.

BestBidz is the next step in the evolution of construction associations providing project information services, and builds on the backbone of the local association network. What you will find is a rich database of construction opportunities that are being hosted across Ontario by associations at the request of construction buyers, public and private alike, for all types of projects including industrial, commercial, institutional, retail, civil and high rise multi-residential.

LCA’s have a long history of managing construction documents for Owners and ensuring these project documents get delivered to the market leading to the successful completion of construction projects.

BestBidz is not just a web portal, it is an extensive network of local expertise across Ontario including staff that handle tender documents (plans, specifications and addenda) on a day to day basis, and ensure that these documents are well organized and easy to access for the bidders. Through years of working with Issuing Authorities, including directly with owners or indirectly through architects and consultants, LCA’s have the local expertise to ensure these documents get to where they need to get to achieve competitive pricing for your project and that your construction project is successful.


Local knowledge + National Exposure = BestBidz

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Local Knowledge + National Exposure = BestBidz
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