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One source for open non-residential construction bid opportunities that are aggregated from host local construction associations across Ontario. Rather than searching myriad sources for leads, including websites, newspapers, ftp sites and everything in between, why not depend on one site for all your open tenders in Ontario. BestBidz saves you time and money and lets you focus on what you are good at, construction.  BestBidz has been created as a ‘value added’ service to buyers of construction, as well as contractors and suppliers.

BestBidz – Why Now

The time is right for a consolidated and unified electronic tendering system for all construction projects in the province of Ontario. BestBidz has been designed to consolidate all local construction association projects (plans & specifications) within their electronic plan rooms, private tendering projects and access to the national system, all with a single sign on.

BestBidz is a new online tendering portal designed by and for the construction industry in Ontario. Currently there is no one single system in Ontario for general contractors, sub contractors and suppliers to access Ontario-specific tenders and submit bids to projects.


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