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Whether you are looking for contemplated and planned project leads, architectural pre-qualification and tender calls, or you are managing a construction project that you need to tender, BestBidz and its ally Reed Construction Data (Reed) have a solution to meet your needs. Here’s how you can benefit from the alliance’s services:

  • Tender Like Your Clients Do. Access the same great document management tools that construction owners & managers use, set up your project in minutes, upload and set permissions for your documents, and invite bidders.
  • Collaborate in the Cloud. Use state of the art centralized document management tools to keep your design teams communicating efficiently and in a secure environment, so they’re always accessing the latest file versions.
  • Be the First to Know. Reed Connect gives you early access to pre-design project leads for contemplated and planned projects, often with no architect assigned, helping you to grow your business and stay competitive.
  • Plan Ahead, Plan Better. Reed’s CanaData suite of products, including monthly construction industry Forecaster, monthly actual Construction Starts, and quarterly updated Cost Index for labour and building material prices.
  • accessArchitecture. The accessArchitecture program is a symbiosis of information between the architectural, engineering and construction communities facilitated by Reed Construction Data (Reed). The program offers actionable business intelligence back to the design community that has enabled Reed’s products and services to serve the Canadian construction industry for over 100 years. To find out more email us today.
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